Mens Bucket Hat

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Where did the Mens Bucket Hat come from ?

The bucket hat for men was designed by a gentleman named Robert. The hat industry as well as American milliners had created at the time a stiff headpiece with fairly short brims, which is where the name "top hat" originated. The problem was that these hats did not stay in place on the head when the wind blew a little. Soon after, hatmakers had the idea to create a hat that was not as tall as the latter but with longer brims. It was called the Sombrero. In America, this type of hat was very successful, but in the rest of the world, it was criticized for its weakness in the wind.

That's when our good Robert had the idea of inventing a shorter, softer hat with thin brims, in 1924, which prevented the wind from blowing it away. Very practical and foldable, it could be stored in a pocket or a bag. Irish fishermen started to wear it for its practicality and foldability but also to protect themselves from the sun. It was during the Tour de France that Robert decided to distribute his bucket hat men in the name of an aniseed-flavored alcohol we all know. The rest is history.

Bucket Hat Men becomes trendy

When the word "bucket hat" is mentioned, most people have one clear vision in mind: a beau killer. Why? Long conveyed by the image of the Tour de France with the famous Cochonou's bucket hat or the game of "petanque", pastis in hand shod with flip-flops while wearing a faded Ricard's Bucket Hat on his head, the Mens Bucket Hat has not always been a trendy fashion accessory.

However, this Men's headpiece has evolved over time. It's back in the spotlight, brought back to life thanks to the efforts of luxury brand designers like Gucci, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton and even Burberry. These influential, sometimes quirky brands offer bucket hats for men with a soft brim in all genres: plain, vintage, colorful, urban, elegant, casual, cotton... there is something for everyone. From now on, the bucket hat comes in many sizes, shapes and materials: from simple canvas to cotton and wool fabric through an impressive diversity of colors such as black, white, beige, pink or even khaki.


In addition, the fashion of the 90's (years of the bucket hat and the kangaroo logo brand kangol) rather vintage is back in force. Propelled by famous celebrities, the headgear for men is undergoing a great popularity among young people who wear more and more hats to accompany their outfits. Man, woman or child, the cap has made its time.

How to wear the Bucket Hat for Men ?

The bucket hat is not the accessory we would tend to think of to look cool. However, it is now an integral part of an outfit and will come to make a difference in your style. It is a must-have piece in a men's wardrobe.

For a streetwear and vintage look, we opt for a summer bucket hat men quite sober or with camouflage patterns, without frills that we associate with a white t-shirt or a stylish black the north face polo shirt, dark shorts as well as a pair of Timberland shoes. Some like to wear the bucket hat in a faded or even reversible style to bring more freshness.

Others prefer to pair the men's hat with an oversized white t-shirt in the nineties hip hop style (like LL Cool J) accompanied by a sleeveless nike jean jacket and an olive colored old school bag. For the bottom, jeans and a pair of brown sneakers in the style tommy hilfiger go very well.

The utility of the Bucket Hat.

In addition to being a trendy and stylish headpiece, the hat for men is an essential ally during the summer. At the beach, wearing a cotton bucket hat with Bermuda shorts is the assurance of keeping your head cool while enjoying the sun while tanning. It is equally useful in many activities such as fishing, camping, hiking and some even use it for outdoor running.

No longer fear the sun's UV rays when the day is in full swing, the wide or shorter edges of the men's galligan provide a fearsomely effective UV sun protection. On top of that, the cotton and polyester hats are quite soft and very comfortable to wear on the head, they offer the advantage of being airy, which allows for good ventilation around the skull. This light feeling on the head makes it very easy to wear.

    Bobe Homme

    The Mens Bucket Hat and its history

    We've seen that the history of the Men's bucket Hat is tied to the military, in fact it was a brilliant idea in the 1930s. But how did such a casual men's hat become the fashion style of today's hip-hoppers and young skateboarders? It all comes down to one word: marketing. In fact, the reason this hat is so famous today, and why brands like north face, tommy hilfiger, lyle scott, stripe lahinch, carhartt wip and even kangol dominate the market, is because it was first and foremost a promotional hat! The original cap had a very neutral look. Accomplished, the color of the hat was simple and there was nothing special about it. No aesthetically pleasing stitching, no logo, no comfortable lining, ... just a simple organic cotton cap with no soul as a hat! In the eyes of the people, it was just a sober headgear to protect themselves from the weather, but in the eyes of the companies, it was a great way to promote their brand!

    That's what happened during the 1951 Tour de France, when Ricard asked spectators to wear a bucket hat with the brand's logo on it to protect themselves from the sun. A win-win deal that boosted the pastiche brand. It didn't take long for other brands to get on board, like Cochonou with its famous checkered hat and its funny logo! Little by little, the big fashion houses understood the potential of the soft hat and it became more and more familiar to the general public.

    The bucket hat for men can be easily combined to give you a modern look

    As we have seen, this timeless hat for men can be found in many forms and enjoys a great diversity as for its colors that its materials and shapes. Here are some outfit ideas that the bucket hat will sublimate:

    • The black organic cotton hat by Lyle Scott (its foldable version) goes very well with a beige tommy hilfiger t-shirt under a white hoodie. In pants, we prefer to wear a casual style in beige or olive tones with a pair of Timberland on the feet.
    • If you have at home a canvas cap of the brand Kangol and more specifically the stripe lahinch, you will have to dress in the following way. A small polo shirt with the north face logo in brown, orange shorts and a pair of pink open shoes. It makes relaxed but dressed up, perfect to approach the beautiful summer days by the sea in good conditions.
    • Finally, for fans of the brand Carharrt,Tilley or Sergé, know that a nice bucket hat Script model khaki or with camouflage patterns can be a real asset in an outfit: everything depends on the rest of your clothes. We advise you to wear this nice headgear with a pretty peach colored short sleeve t-shirt from brixton, a beige columbia shorts and one of the new era khaki shoes.