Fur Bucket Hat

Discover all our unique and most beautiful furry bucket hats styles in this collection, only available on this website ! Choose the bucket hat that suits you best and place an order to enjoy the best price on the market !

The Fur Bucket Hat: A Trend to Warm Up in Winter!

What makes this collection special, besides the size of the fur bucket hat hat which is adapted to the morphology of a teenager or an adult, is the particular design that our team has put in place ! Its shape, its trendy and modern design, its variety of colors and its great comfort make this headgear a timeless hat.

The furry bucket hat is an essential to keep you warm in winter. Its soft, thick and pleasant to wear fur brings a little warmth to the head and ears to protect you from the cold and the chilly winter temperatures.

Genesis of the Furry Bucket Hat

To learn more about the origin of the little round hat, let's travel to the beginning of the 20th century, when the hat industry was in full crisis! At that time, only top hats, straw hats for women, sombreros and other headwear were sold that were only worn in specific cases. Although they provided a certain style, they were not practical when walking outside and when there were gusts of wind and other bad weather. These hats had a design thought only for their appearance and not their practicality, allowing to protect oneself! With each gust of wind, the hat could fly away, besides the fact that it did not protect from the sun as today's caps do. As time went on, fewer and fewer people were buying hats and factories began to close one by one.

However, a designer from nowhere, known as Robert B., had the bright idea to design a hat to solve these problems. Within a few years, the shearling bucket hat became more and more popular. Not only is it highly appreciated by Irish fishermen but also by the military! During the Second World War, this headpiece hat was very useful to protect soldiers from bad weather. Specific designs for the military were created, with camouflage patterns that we can find on today's military bucket hats ! Over time, the bucket hat became more and more known to the general public and is worn by all types of people, of all ages.

How to wear the Fuzzy Bucket Hat ?

Wearing a fuzzy bucket hat is not easy to apprehend when you start with this new fashion accessory! No matter what you put on your back, you will feel like the hat doesn't fit! In fact, the furry bucket hat that we wear does not depend on our clothing style. It must be modelled on the hat! However, for the fur bucket hat, there is an exception. Choose your headpiece first and not the other way around! If you want to wear a denim bucket hat, pair it with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt. If you choose a classic canvas hat, then pair it with an oversized sweater and a baggy, or a jogging suit! This is the same for classic headgear. However for fluffy bucket hat, the ideal is to pair it with furry coats!

The Fur Bucket hat, a trendy headpiece

We saw in the origin of the bucket hat that this could come from a military story or a hat factory story. But a question arises, how is it that a hat that does not bring any importance on his look has become a symbol of fashion among rappers, that the fleece bucket hat is an essential hat for a street look? Well, all this can be explained in one word: marketing.

Indeed, the reason why the bucket hat with fur is so famous today is because this hat was first and foremost a promotional hat! The original bucket hat had a very neutral look. Indeed, the color of the hat was plain and had absolutely nothing special. No irregularities, no logo, no text, ... As if the hat was made to be customized! For everyone else, it was simply a sober headgear, intended to protect from the weather. However this was not the case for the big brands!

Indeed, Ricard and Cochonou took advantage of the neutral design of the fluffy bucket hat to put their logo on it. During the Tour de France event, the two companies succeeded in promoting their brand by making the viewers wear the hat, literally ! A sensible strategy that helped propel the French brands. Eventually, clothing brands released their own canvas cap and, one thing led to another, the hat became an international success.

As stylish and trendy as the fluffy bucket hat, the Kangol bucket hat hat and its particular shape always pleases fashion lovers. Simple and elegant are the key words to describe the fur bucket hat hat of the British house Kangol.