Denim Bucket Hat

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The Denim Bucket Hat: A Versatile Style

Denim bucket hats are one of the many types of hats, such as canvas or fur bucket hat. These blue fabric bucket hats will go well with a vast majority of clothing styles! Whether you're going for a grudge or street look, or even vintage, the jeans bucket hat is a great choice to get into this incredible hat!

In this collection there are dozens of denim hats, if you prefer a more chic cap we also have a range of fur hats for you. They are perfect to get through the cooler months in style. In the meantime, here is a small selection of the jean bucket hat most appreciated by our customers: the Hip-Hop Jean bucket hat, Vintage Jean bucket hat, Men's Jean bucket hat and the Butterfly Jean bucket hat.

Every day we bring you new and unique products so don't hesitate to come back regularly! If you don't find any new denim hats, feel free to check out our other buckets hat collections, such as the string bucket hats or the reversible bucket hats.

The History of the Jean Bucket Hat

As explained in our article dedicated to the inventor of this special headpiece, the hat has a somewhat mysterious history! Several rumors indicate that the bucket hat was invented during the Second World War to protect French soldiers from rain and other bad weather on the battlefield. With this type of headgear, the French nation was so recognizable that the Americans called them "Robert", hence the name "Bob" for the hat, short for Robert.

The other rumor, much more realistic, tells that the denim bucket hat hat was mainly intended for Irish fishermen. They were, most of their time, outside to suffer storms and gusts. The soft hat was, then, the ideal accessory! Light, easy to carry and very efficient to protect oneself from the sun, the rain and the wind. Eventually, the bucket hat quickly became the favorite hat of fishermen and the accessory was even named the fishing hat!

How to Wear a Denim Bucket Hat

Unlike canvas hat, denim caps are made to go with other denim clothing! That's why it's advisable to wear denim pants and a denim jacket to bring a completely seamless effect to your outfit. However, there are a few tricks to fool the eye! When we think of denim, we think directly of the light blue fabric and very characteristic. But you should know that there are other colors that allow you to be much wider in the choice of your clothes! If your wardrobe is full of fabric, cotton or wool clothes, prefer the dark denim bucket hat that will blend much better with the rest of your look! It's a basic rule of fashion, the darker the suit, the more versatile it is! If you absolutely want to get a jean bucket hat without worrying about the rest of your style, the Black Jean hat will be ideal as your first bucket hat. After all, there's nothing stopping you from sewing your own headgear !

The Rise of the Jeans Bucket Hat in the headwear !

We saw above that the genesis of this wide grim hat would come from the idea of supporting the needs of the fisherman, or French soldiers. A question then arises: How did the jeans bucket hat become so trendy today?

Indeed, in the space of a few decades, this headgear has become the ultimate accessory of the rappers of the 80s! Well, it's all easily explained in one word: marketing.

A bucket hat, just like a t-shirt or a coat, has a lot of space to put a logo or a brand. And that, the Ricard brand has directly benefited from it! As every year, in France, there is the Tour de ... France. During this summer sports event, spectators spend several hours waiting for their favorite cyclist to cheer him/her on! Wanting to help the fans, the Ricard brand will propose to the spectators to wear their denim bucket hats, with the brand inscribed, to protect themselves from the sun. The Tour de France being very publicized, this is a real stroke of genius for the Pastis brand! Later on, other brands saw the promotional potential of the bob hat and one thing led to another and this headpiece became extremely popular.