Bucket Hat with String

Discover our wide collection of bucket hats with string and choose the hat that fits you the most ! We offer many styles of the best possible quality at an affordable price.

A wide variety of Bucket Hat with String

Whether in terms of color, size, pattern, shape, material or design, the bucket hat with drawstring comes in countless appearances. Its appearance couldn't be simpler: a canvas (or cotton fabric) hat in a round shape with short or long brims depending on the design. The drawstring bucket hat's flexible structure, casual aesthetic, and wide range of colors, prints, and textures also allow the wearer to create his or her own style and thus differentiate themselves from traditional caps. It can be a bit cheesy or quirky depending on usage and desires but those are just details.

For Men or Women, we see that it is very much used as a trendy head cover to give yourself a retro and vintage look to pay homage to the 90's. Some people put the bucket hat with wire on their head to complete their outfit and bring the final touch to clothes with a more urban and streetwear look. Some actually prefer the bucket hat with twine in black (preferably cotton) to be paired more easily with all kinds of Men's clothing.

On what occasions to wear the String Bucket Hat

The hat with string is very useful during outdoor activities or in sports, adult or child. A common example is the activity of hiking: you walk in the hills or mountains and are exposed to the wind. The drawstring allows you to securely fasten the bucket hat on your head so that it doesn't fly away. It is actually a widely used accessory for this practicality.

It is also widely used and is a great ally during the summer period when the sun hits hard and even outperforms the cap. The string bucket hat is a real sun protection: it stops the sun's uv rays and allows you to stay cool and in the shade. Slip on your Bermuda shorts, flip-flops or open-toed shoes, a t-shirt and your sunglasses on the pebbles or fine sand and enjoy a sunset at the sea this summer. Surfers love it, by the way. Given as gifts, bucket hats with adjustable string are a budget fashion accessory, often on sale, that can completely metamorphose an outfit no matter the color: white or black, it will complete a look!

The history of the Drawstring Bucket Hat and its usefulness

Before becoming the fashion of student parties, the strap bucket hat appeared for purely practical reasons: in the 1900s, Irish fishermen began wearing them to stay dry (these details will matter). Originally, these bucket hat with strap were made of raw wool and contained a waterproof element, perfect for wet days on fishing boats. The sloping edge also helped protect the eyes from the rain. In those days, caps and other accessories were not used for protection from the weather.

Fishermen also adopted it because this type of soft-brimmed hat did not blow away in the wind. Its drawstring ensured that the hat would stay in place on the head and thus resist wind gusts. It was also very useful in good weather: with the sun beating down hard, the sun bucket hat protected their head from UV rays to keep their head cool and shaded, no matter what color.

Rapidly, however, the bucket hat began to gain ground even becoming trendy accessories in the women's fashion scene in Ireland and England, and then in America, as popularized by Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy (very famous woman). The bucket cap with string was still made of stiff materials - no longer wool, but tweed, felt or cotton and sometimes reversible- but now had an elongated shape and offered many colors, pattern and material including some very popular logo brands.

The early days of the Bucket Hat with Strap

In the 1980s, the hip-hop community saw immense potential in bucket hats (some would say the bucket hat with adjustable strap introduced rappers to the world of headwear), and many adopted the style on album covers and in music videos. Gone are the panama hats, the pork pie or the sombrero ... It is generally said that the first rapper to wear a bucket hat is Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang, associated with a streetwear style of the time and nice shoes, who wore one during a performance of "Rapper's Delight" in 1979.   This quickly sparked a fashion phenomenon, prompting other groups to adopt the hat with string, including Run-DMC in 1984 (the group's collection of headgear and bucket hat was so extensive that they were never seen without a bucket, fedora or panama perched on their head), LL Cool J in 1985  and Jay-Z in 2000. The bucket hats were then popular and the Nike brand was able to take advantage of it afterwards!

Despite the approval of rappers, how could the bucket hat with a tether have been so poorly perceived? Unlike other types of headwear such as bonnets, fedoras, berets or white cotton Greek fisherman hats (the favorite hat of supermodels), bucket hats have never reached the same level of popularity. Perhaps it's because of its utilitarian roots or the fact that it's inextricably linked to cheesy, uncool on-screen characters, like Bob Denver, the actor whose uniform included a white bucket hat (his favorite color) during the three seasons he played the bumbling, goofy castaway Gilligan on the series Gilligan's Island.

Now, we see the string hat more and more on the forefront, often reversible and introduced by the biggest fashion houses, fashion designers or even well-known hat shops. Many global stars like Drake, Rihanna, Gradur (rapper) and Lorenzo wear it on their head with great pride.