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The bucket hat has long been perceived as a ridiculous accessory and old-fashioned. However, it is clear that in recent years, he is back on the scene thanks to high fashion brands such as Kenzo, Prada or Ralph Lauren or thanks to celebrities like Schoolboy Q, LL Cool J, Jay Z and even Rihanna.

The bucket hat seems to be back in force and in many variations: vintage style, with prints, fur, with a string or denim style. Whether it's for a summer at the beach to protect yourself from the sun, in everyday life or for a wild festival, this headgear will come to rest on your head by bringing a stylish and trendy touch. Whether you're a kid or a big boy, the bucket cap will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

With the emergence of streetwear fashion, wearing a hat bucket is becoming more and more common. Whether it's beige, pink, cotton or reversible, or if you choose a boonie hat with wide brim, the bucket hat is on trend. For some people, a hat is the assurance of an urban, underground and hip hop look, while for others, it's a chic and elegant accessory that will go with the colors of a classic outfit. Still others prefer it to a hippie look and useful for hiking, fishing or camping. Forget the cap and beanie, you can choose your own style!
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Whether it's worn by everyone, a bucket hat always makes the same impact. Sober and trendy, this product goes effortlessly with any type of outfit. Pair this headpiece preferably with a pair of sneakers for a more streetstyle look.

A sure thing that has been popularized in recent years in the hip hop scene, it is quite possible to wear this chapeau with a simple white t-shirt or add a dark colored open jacket.

Discreet and elegant, the round bucket hat adapts to all types of looks: from casual to bohemian to a more urban style. Impossible to miss this popular fashion accessory, it is an essential to have in your wardrobe. In addition to its fashionable and trendy side, it is a hat that protects effectively from the sun during the summer.


The true origin of the soft brimmed hat comes from Irish fishermen. For obvious reasons of practicality, fishermen appreciate it above all because it keeps the head cool and protects the head from the sun. But this is not the only reason, it is also very comfortable and can be taken everywhere because being foldable, it can be easily stored in a pocket. For these reasons, the bucket hat has become popular and has spread to their English neighbors. Now, a lot of people buy bucket hats to bring their own style and outfit to the next level.

This headwear accessory have had a hard time becoming part of our clothing collection. In the 60's, they sometimes took the place of the best Pork Pie or the best Panama hat. They were worn in tweed, paired with a kilt. It later crossed the borders to the United States to become a hip hop style headgear worn by famous groups like Public Ennemy, Run DMC or Gangstarr.

The folding bucket hat is now making a comeback on the fashion menu. Some major luxury high fashion brands like Dior, Prada, Kenzo or Thom Browne are featuring the bucket hat in their runway shows and new collections. They are at the origin of this new trend that many fashion lovers and some rappers like the French "Gradur". This bucket hat is also a symbol of certain personalities, using it as a fetish object or product.
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The bucket cap hat has very long been marked (at the time) by a beige color but today, the colors of this timeless hat as well as its shape and patterns are diversifying greatly to have a wide choice in which we would almost get lost. Pink color, red color, blue color or beige color, it comes in many shades. Whether for children or adults, the natural and organic cotton sun hat is becoming more and more popular and trendy. In different sizes and shapes, a wide choice is available to you: a simple black hat in a solid color, a white cotton bucket hat with colorful prints or even the reversible bucket hats to change colors and look in a few moments.

To properly choose your giligan hat, whether it is black or white, it all depends on the style you want to adopt. The bohemian look will prefer a large size bucket hat whatever the color (blue, black, white, navy ...), in cotton or polyester, the textile fabric does not matter much. For a streetwear look, buy a black or colored hat without logo and extravagant patterns. If you want to show a retro and vintage look, then we suggest you opt for a washed blue cotton or denim bucket hat or even a giggle hat, it's very trendy, both for boys and girls and the price is not that high (washed bucket hats are very trendy at this time). For a casual look, we suggest you combine sunglasses, shorts, flip-flops and even a purse with the bucket hats for an even more stylish effect. You can also buy a tie an dye navy bucket hat with print on it. In recent years, we see that it has overtaken the cap or beanie, perhaps its practicality and wide range of choices may have brought it some of its success.

If you're going on vacation, the bucket cap hats is a popular accessory and head cover. Buy one: it will protect you from the sun 's UV rays on hot summer days to ensure coolness and comfort. These headpieces and fashion accessories are just as useful in rainy weather to protect yourself from showers and keep your head dry. In any weather, the "summer sun hat" will stay on your head to cover you from the elements. It is also possible to find some models in straw. Whether it's Kangol brand hats, Tilley bobs, the North Face or Carhartt, Quick Silver these are fashionable pieces for boys or girls concerned with taking care of their look while enjoying great comfort.